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How to build quality backlinks using w3-directory

How to build quality backlinks using w3-directory
Backlinks are a large part of what is known as off-page SEO and are extremely important if you want to get your site listed high on search engines. The reason why people link to a site is because of its great value. Spending time creating and keeping quality backlinks is important for maintaining your site's high search engine ranking.

There are many good backlinks resources available to help get you on your way to search engine domination. Today I will discuss just one method of creating backlinks– manual two-way reciprocal backlinks using a directory service. recommends that you use to create backlinks using this method. This site has a very good quality to build backlinks which can utillise your site in the right way to get much traffic to your site, the more people click your link (vote you) then the more trustworthy your site is to Google, which makes your sites get into better rankings, since Google relies on the public voting to determine what sites are the most popular and rewards them by pushing their site to the top of SERPs. It would be better if you can get some free backlinks such as, w3-directory, then we will just enough to exchange links with the site. As I have explained above about links play a huge role in influencing your site position, which means; using a web directory is an excellent tool to help your site get ranked highly because of web directory is a website which provides many sites with various categories so by the existence of this web directory you can do link exchanges. Adding to that you can get many backlinks to your site as many as possible which will affect your site position in SERPs.
Moreover if there is any of you are interested in joining SEO contest, w3-directory is such a credible source to start with. The instructions on how to do it as follows :

Please go to

On the top menu please click add a website

Please submit :
Return link / back link
Heading 1
Please click submit my website afterwards
Note – you MUST fill in your info for fields with a (*)

Please copy the code that was given by w3-directory, then submit it into each site by pasting the code into the widget.

You have to be creative in building backlink farms, because w3-directory provides you many backlinks which depend on how many votes you get (by clicking w3-directory link), which means the more they click the w3-directory link at your site then the more backlinks you can get and many more advantage you can get from it.
There is a simple way that you can use to get more traffic to your site and can be a successful tactic to generate backlinks which is using social bookmarking and social networking. Nowadays, Both have become a huge thing when it comes to attracting inbound links as well as have influenced many sites position get higher rankings in SERPs. Sites like Delicious and StumbleUpon can help creating baclinks immensely. Likewise with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and others are some of the hottest and the best ranking social networking site that is able to help you to generate traffic to your site. The most effective way to get traffic flowing to your page is to have more people to see it. Build a large network of friends to pass your links around you, you will see traffic to your site increasing. And don’t forget to put your website URL on as many other good social networking website as you can. If you write a great post and have built meaningful relationships with peers, you will often find that friends will submit your posts and give you votes on the social bookmarking sites, so be sure u always update your information on it.
Finally, I would like to thank all the visitors to this site. I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions. I hope the information that I have provided here will be helpful for those, like me, who the way to becoming masters of SEO J.

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